DURAXY RM – 3pack

Features:Absolutely waterproof, Permanent repair through super bonding, Speedy development of initial hardness

Application Area:

Concrete surfaces, permanent repair to spalled or cracked concrete structures, acid tanks, seal walls, industrial floors in plating shops, chemical hadling and process areas


30 Kg/m2 with a thickness of 15 mm and pro- rata basis


In 5 Kg (A+B+C) and 10Kg (A+B+C) Kit.

Short Description:

Epoxy Repair Mortar


DURAXY RM is a three pack, A, B, & C repair of patching mortar system. All packs are premeasured and they only need proper mixing at site with entire quantity supplied. It is a blend of silica aggregates bonded together with Epoxy resin, designed for speedy and permanent repair to concrete. The mixed material is applied to suitably prepared and primed surface.

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