Features:Large water reduction (up to 30%) with retention of workability. Micro-cracks in hardened concrete are reduced to minimum yielding better surface finish. For a given workability and cement consumption, large water reduction ensures very high compressive strength. Alternatively, for same concrete mix, keeping water-cement ratio constant, economy through cement reduction can be achieved up to 15-20%. Reduced thixotropic and improved rheology ensures better cohesion and minimum segregation. Special polymer structure provides excellent dispersion.

Application Area:

Concrete with long transportation time o Self-compacting / Self-leveling concrete. Ready mix concrete as well as job site application. High Performance Concrete/ High Strength Concrete. Precast Concrete. Pre-stressed Concrete. Fluid Concrete with low fines content. Suitable for small volume concrete delivery like in bag, bucket, etc.


Dosage of 0.40% to 1.50% by weight of cement may be used as per the need of performance of concrete.


In 200 kg barrels

Short Description:

It is a hyper-plasticizer in aqueous dispersion based on advanced Polycarboxylate Ether Technology.


The special polymer structure makes DP 320L DURABUILD HYPERPLASTICIZER possible to add the silky effect of the lateral carboxylic chains to the dispersant effect of the main chain. It can be used for Ready Mixed Concrete along with big job site application where high workability retention is needed even at low water-cement ratio with minimal effect on early and long term strengths.

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