Features:Can bridge dynamically moving cracks. Water based and non toxic. Negligible VOC Content. High Flexibility and crack bridging properties maintained at low temperatures. Superb carbonation barrier. Vapor permeable/breathable. Provides resistance to weathering and frost. Excellent long term UV light resistance. Can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray. Extremely resistant to dirt pick up and mildew. Increases the total service life of the structure thus reducing the maintenance cost per year. Resistant to fungi and algae formation making exterior look freshly painted for years. Non-flammable. Easily maintained silk finish.

Application Area:

Protective, crack-bridging coating for concrete, mortar, stucco, masonry, and exterior finishing systems subject to cracking/dynamic movement. For use on building and civil engineering structures as the top coat in complete repair and protection systems. High rise flats and roofing. Car parks, bridges, flyovers, subways, underpass. RCC water tanks


Durabuild Penetrative Primer-W:10.5 m2/kg/coat depending on porosity and texture of the surface. Durabuild Anti Carbonation-W: 8 m2/kg/coat depending on porosity and texture of the surface.


5KG, 25KG

Short Description:

Water based pure aliphatic acrylate based anticarbonation, protective and decorative elastomeric ext


D111 DURABUILD ANTI CARBONATION-W is a single pack durable exterior protective coating against carbonation and extreme climatic conditions. It is composed of acrylic solution imported polymers, properly graded and inert fillers, light fast pigments and additives. It protects the reinforced concrete and other masonry cementitious substrate from the ingress of carbon dioxide, heavy rain, high humidity and other aggressive and harmful gases which may cause onset of corrosion in steel reinforcement. It also acts as an exterior masonry impermeable coating. It is available in different colours.

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