D134 POLYURETHANE COATING – 2K (formerly Durathane 100)

Features:Good adhesion to concrete, stone, wood, brick, FRP and metal surfaces. Good weather resistance, colour stability, non-yellowing. Excellent UV stability. Good abrasion & chemical resistance. Smooth / glossy finish. Does not support bacterial growth / antimicrobial

Application Area:

Metal structures exposed to marine or saline atmospheres. Chemical & corrosion resistant coating in chemical industries like fertilizer, paper, textile, etc., Coating for machine tools & equipment. Coating of pipelines, storage tanks. Coating of metal structures, etc. Sterile areas of Pharma plants, Hospitals, etc. Interior / exterior coating of buildings


2 – 6 m2 per kg of mixed component depending on DFT


25 Kg & 200 Kg

Short Description:

Elastomeric Polyurethane based membrane coating


D134 DURABUILD POLYURETHANE COATING-2K is two component polyurethane resin based antimicrobial, chemical and corrosion resistant coating system. Due to its antimicrobial and UV resistance properties, the system is strongly recommended in Pharma industry for coating / painting of walls and metallic structure.
D134 DURABUILD POLYURETHANE COATING-2K is washable coating and can undergo repeated wash. This is required in Pharma industry. Cured film of D134 DURABUILD POLYURETHANE COATING-2K is highly Chemical & UV resistance. Hence the system is recommended for coating of metallic and concrete structure exposed to chemicals & direct sunlight. D134 DURABUILD POLYURETHANE COATING-2K available in different colours

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