AMBIGARD (formerly Duragard)

Features:Superb adhesion to sound and prepared surfaces of most building materials

Application Area:

Roof, terrace, concrete, mortar, brick work, block work surfaces, swimming pools, basement wall


1 m2 to 1.4 m2 per 2 kg of mixed material


4 kg, 20kg & 100 kg. in pre-weighed quantities of pack A & pack B

Short Description:

Polymer Modified Cementitious Breathable Waterproof/Protective Coating


AMBIGARD® is a two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious, anti-corrosion, anti-carbonation, anti- crack and high flexible coating which consists of powder and acrylic emulsion. It contains multiple complex migrating corrosion inhibiting molecules (DiffuCIT – Diffusive Corrosion Inhibiting Technology) which protects the steel against oxidation by direct contact or by migrating through the concrete structures. Due to its high performance flexible property, it can simply be applied by stiff brush, roller or trowel to obtain the desired thickness.

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