D066 COOL ROOF WATERPROOF COATING (formerly Durakote Kool)

Features:Saves energy in heating and cooling. Superior crack bridging and hydrostatic water pressure resistance. No additional protection for light foot traffic. Easy to apply by brush/ roller

Application Area:

Building terraces – flat & sloping, Over existing waterproofing treatments like brickbat coba, concrete screeds, acrylic coatings


1.0 kg/ sqm in 3 coats for 1 mm film thickness depending on the substrate texture and porosity.


5 & 20 kg.

Short Description:

Heat reflective and heavy duty acrylic reinforced waterproof coating for terraces


D066 DURABUILD COOL ROOF WATERPROOF COATING is an elastic resilient acrylic reinforced weather durable coating with dual benefits of thermal insulation and superior waterproofing. It helps in reduction of energy usages by less heat transfer into buildings thus keeping the interiors cool. It has excellent crack bridging ability to prevent water leakages through the hairline cracks developed on the roof surfaces. The presence of micro-fibers enhances life of the coating and white pigment improves the building’s aesthetics.

Technical literature: (Click to view & download technical data)

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