Features:Can be made pourable or gun grade by varying the filler content. Convenient to apply using putty knife. Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces. Non-shrink. No crack. Chemically resistant and makes surface permanently sealed – waterproof. Easy application using a putty knife. Reduces consumption of subsequent coatings. Can be tinted to various shades. Std shade is grey. Non slump, easily applied to vertical surfaces and trowelled into blow holes.

Application Area:

D368 Epoxy Putty is used for levelling and filling any blow holes or minor cracks or eliminating any surface irregularities before the application of any Durabuild Epoxy Based coatings or flooring products. D368 can be applied on concrete floors as well as walls for surface smoothening.


1.5 kg per sqm for 1 mm thickness. The coverage may vary as per surface texture and porosity


5 & 10 kg combo packs

Short Description:

Epoxy resin based 3-component high strength crack repair paste.


D368 DURABUILD EPOXY PUTTY CRACK REPAIR PASTE is three component compound based on epoxy resins, graded fillers and thixotropic agents. it is applied directly to concrete for filling cracks, blow holes etc., which cures to a surface ready for subsequent coatings.

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