D227 RETARDER ADMIX (formerly Duraspred R)

Features:Extends placing and compacting time – No cold joints. Reduces exothermic temperature. Improved workability easier/ quicker placing and compacting. Reduced shrinkage and creep. Compatible with all types of Portland cement. Chloride free. Cement saving-strength specifications and workability can be maintained with less cement.

Application Area:

It is used where delays in hauling and placing of concrete occur in presence of high ambient temperature and long distance transportation of ready mix concretes, e.g. towers, chimneys, high rise buildings, roller compacted concrete, using slip form shutters, tunnels/shaft lining, offshore construction and piling, mass concreting in dams and reservoirs etc.


0.5 – 2.0 % by weight of total cementitious content; actual dosage to be finalised on the basis of concrete trials


250 kg drums

Short Description:

Water reducing cum retarding plasticiser


D227 DURABUILD RETARDER ADMIX is a plasticiser – cum – retarder in dark brown liquid based on polymer / lignosulphonates. Water reduction upto 12% can be  achieved.

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