Features:Long lasting control of slump loss. Extremely high workability, speeds construction. Little vibration required, self compacting. Reduces permeability due to lower w/c ratio. Higher strength. Improved surface finish. Highly suitable for hot climate. Reduced segregation with increased cohesion, easily pumpable. Very high strength through large water reduction. Chloride free, safe in pre-stressed and reinforced concrete. Economical – substantial cement saving is possible without strength or workability loss.Application Area:

It can be used for production of precast elements, increases workability, cohesion & smooth pumping. Provides dense concrete and high ultimate strength for slabs, foundations, walls, columns, beams, prestressed girders and slender components having dense reinforcements. The low porosity results in water tight and durable concrete. Suitable for high ambient temperature application also.Consumption/coverage:

0.5 – 1.5 % by weight of total cementitious content; actual dosage to be finalised on the basis of concrete trialsPacking:

20 kg, 100 kg & 250 kg drumsShort Description:

High performance super plasticizing admixture. Complies with IS:9103:1999 and BS 5075 part 3.Description:

D222 DURABUILD SUPERPLASTICIZER 400C is a highly efficient superplasticiser with controlled set retarding effect to produce flowing concrete with Blast Furnace Slag or Portland Pozzolona Cement in hot climate. Substantial water reduction can be achieved to promote high ultimate strength. It consists of modified Naphthalene Sulphonate salts.

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