D323 POLYGROUT 1K (formerly Durajel)

Features:Low viscosity. Excellent solidifying and gelling property with water inside the structure. Compatible with alkaline, neutral or acidic water. Superb adhesion and bonding property. High quality � produced under rigid control.

Application Area:

A versatile injection grouting product and is widely used in the following areas of construction and allied industries. To use as a water barrier/water proofing system in gravel beds. To use as a impregnated sealer through cracks of concrete structure. As a stabilising and consolidating agent of soils, abutment and bridge piers. To prevent water leakage from underground structures e.g. basements, tanks and sumps etc. To permanently arrest leakage in the following areas: tunnels and tunnel segments, water retaining structures and dams etc. As an excellent solidifying and binding aid in rock and earth fill dams against water percolation. To provide waterproofing and tough liner to pile and pier. To use as a solidifying agent of industrial and commercial waste water/sewage sludge. To prevent landslides on valleys and crown collapse in tunnels.



In 4 Ltr. & 25 Ltr. metal container

Short Description:

Polymer modified water reactive liquid chemical grout for injection


D323 DURABUILD POLYGROUT 1K is a polymer modified water reactive polyurethane liquid chemical grout most suitable for injection to stop water infiltration. When it is introduced by pressure/injection grouting method into leaking concrete, stonework or soil substrates, it forms a permanently flexible but tough solid gel in conjunction with water through the process of polymerisation. The viscosity of D323 DURABUILD POLYGROUT 1K liquid polymer is such that it fills up all pores/crevices and voids inside the concrete structure even at 0.5 kg./cm² pressure by grout pump.

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