Features:Large water reduction with retention of workability, Micro-cracks in hardened concrete are reduced to minimumApplication Area:

To obtain self compacting concrete especially in Miwan shuttering or in presence of dense reinforcementsConsumption/coverage:

0.40% to 1.50% by weight of cementPacking:

In 250 kg containersShort Description:

Very high grade hyperplasticiser with high-workability-retention property for hot weather concretingDescription:

It is a brown coloured liquid based on polyhydroxy carboxylate polymer. It is a new generation hyperplasticiser in aqueous dispersion. The special polymer structure makes it possible to add the silky effect of the lateral carboxylic chains to the dispersant effect of the main chain. DURASUPALATE admixed concrete at a recommended dosage is found to be extremely workable even with low W/C ratio as compared to control mix.

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