D166 – COOL WALL COATING (formerly Durathermokote)

Features:Up to 8-10 degree C thermal insulation is maintained. Makes the wall waterproofed resisting rainwater impact. Excellent crack bridging and resistant to microbial attack. Eco-friendly and easy to apply by brush/ roller/ spray

Application Area:

RCC non-accessible sloped roofs, Walls including bricks, Asbestos cement roofing sheets, Galvanized Tin sheets, Aluminum sheets


4.0-5.0 m / kg in 1 coat depending on surface porosity and texture


5 kg & 20 kg

Short Description:

Waterproofing cum thermal insulation coating


D166 COOL WALL COATING is an acrylic based coating product for waterproofing and heat insulation to
the building walls and exposed roofs. The product is in pasty form. When the product is applied on the surfaces, it reduces the heat transfer from the exterior to the interior or vice versa.

Technical literature: (Click to view & download technical data)

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