D320 MICROCEMENT INJECTION GROUT (formerly Duragrout E1)

Features:High fluidity- Easily injectable/pumpable. Engineering Modern Grout. No match to ordinary Cement-Water slurries/grout. High strength. Non-shrink. Absolutely water-tight- no leakage of water-waterproofing. Superb binding property of loose materials inside the structure- Sound consolidation. Cementitious – Site friendly material. Chloride free. Anchor bolts in tunnel construction and ground/soil stabilization. Crack injectionApplication Area:

D320 DURABUILD MICROCEMENT INJECTION GROUT helps to stabilize the structures by filling voids and consolidating the soil. It is extensively used in most critical and sensitive waterproofing areas by injecting through grout pump. Such application has become a regular pretreatment to the specialized waterproofing systems. It is an engineering grout based on latest technology in the world. It is also used for injection into cracks of structures. Anchor bolts could be grouted with D320 DURABUILD MICROCEMENT INJECTION GROUT with a high pull out strength. Request may be made for overhead anchor bolt grouting, so that same product with overhead application property is incorporated. It is much superior to cheap quality site-produced non-engineering cement-water slurries/grout. Such cheap site-produced grout suffers from drawbacks like high shrinkage, high leakage, extremely poor strength etc.


0.22 : 0.32


25 kg sack

Short Description:

Single component, high durable, shrinkage compensated, micro cement based injection slurry


D320 DURABUILD MICROCEMENT INJECTION GROUT is a cementitious non-shrink high strength injection grout with excellent pumpable / injectable quality for application on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces/areas. It is a ready-to-use grout and only water is required to be mixed/added to produce high quality pumpable / injectable grout.

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