D271 FORM RELEASE-E (formerly Duramol-E)

Features:Best quality shutter / formwork release agent. Quick drying (1 to 2 hours) not affected by rain after application. Rust preventing coating on steel formwork. Waterproof repellent film on wooden formwork. Blow-holes, staining and surface blemishes reduced to minimum. Easy to apply high quality surface finish of white or grey concrete surfaces. Life of shutter or formwork increases.

Application Area:

Provides stain free smooth finished concrete by easy release of moulds and formwork of all types; increases the life span of timber formwork


1 litre with 5 ltr of water will cover 80 – 160 m� depending upon nature of substrate


20 ltr & 200 ltr drums

Short Description:

Emulsifiable concentrated economical mould release agents/oil


D271 DURABUILD FORM RELEASE-E is Emulsifiable concentrated economical mould release agents/oil. High quality surface finish is assured. D271 DURABUILD FORM RELEASE-E is a blend of natural organic chemicals which provide a waterproof film to prevent adhesion of concrete over formworks and thus helps for easy and quick release.

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