D180 ANTI-EFFLORESCENT PRIMER (formerly Durashoraseal)

Features:Reduces staining, salt petering and suction on porous surfaces. Nano penetrative crystals enhances adhesion. Replaces need for paint primer. Binds porous substrates and resistant to microbial attack

Application Area:

Ideal for sealing substrates like asbestos, renders, mortar-jointed brick/block walls and used before Durabuild waterproof coatings


6.0-8.0 m2 / kg per coat depending on surface porosity and texture


6 kg & 25 kg pails

Short Description:

Anti-efflorescence cum dampness resistant primer for building surfaces and plastered walls


D180 DURABUILD ANTI EFFLORESCENT PRIMER is high quality nanotechnology based product which provides an effective barrier coat against efflorescence. It has excellent adhesion and provides a slip resistant finish for easy application of subsequent trowel applied coatings. It should be used for the priming of all site mixed renders and mortar-jointed brick/block walls before application of Durabuild Acrylic based Liquid Applied Membranes and other water based paints/coatings.

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